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Our Mission 

Amanjot is committed is to uplift women and men of all walks of life to become aware of their own power and influence and then use these consciously in a positive way with love, compassion and grace to uplift whose around them.

Our Method

Release Negativity

Using Sacred Science of Kundalini Yoga to facilitate regular clensings of subconscious mind and nurturing a healthy balance and harmony between negative and positive minds. This allows for cultivation of Neutral Mind and living from Heart Centered space.

Treat Your Body

Through a regular practice of  Kundalini Yoga, we can maintain an optimal level of inner glands, lymphatic and eliminating systems, strengthen nervous and circulatory systems to allow for more oxygen and prana into our body. 

Listen to Your Soul

KY Meditation is a single most powerful tool of getting connected to your inner voice, intuition and wisdom. It is available to everyone no matter the level of expertise. This process allows for all thoughts to be processed and digested in a gentle and safe way.

Getting Here

New Forest


Tel: 07944 333418

Join Our Volunteering Program

Amanjot has initiated a few volunteer programmes over the years.
From classes, trainings and festivals to supporting Ukrainian refugees.

If you feel the calling to be a part of something bigger and share your skills, energy and love, then please fill out registration form below and let us know how you can serve, working in alignment with nature and community.


Thanks for submitting!

Support Us

Giving to charity is also a way to make a positive impact on your community and the world at large, and to feel good about the good you're doing. Your generosity can help make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most, and we thank you for considering making a donation to support us.

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