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This is something that is my calling of giving back. Please share ??


NHS staff are made to work 14 hours shifts(!!!) which will result in extreme stress and exhaustion, which in itself will reduce the immune response of the body.

Yoga and meditation (especially Kundalini) work fast to relieve the symptoms as well as the cause. Kriyas work fast and eat away at Adrenalin, as well as promoting production of oxytocin (love and content hormone), endorphins, serotonin and other healthy secretion.


Free access Kundalini yoga classes for anybody from #NHS crew as a "thankyou" for doing all the hard work during #coronovirus pandemic.

To find out more about Kundalini yoga and what it entails as well as how different it is from other yoga, please read this article.

Our Online Offerings

Weekly Online Kundalini Yoga classes

Monday     8pm - 9pm

This class will run every Monday beginning on 23rd of March 2020.
Short and sweet incorporating Yoga Set, Prnayama, Meditation.

Saturday   9am-10.30am

Open for ladies 12 weeks gestation onwards.

Includes gentle postures that can be used for pregnancy and labour.

Saturday    10.30am - 12

Session includes circle time, where participants are welcome to offload in safe and confidential space without judgement.
Sharing is optional.

Kundalini Yoga with Amanjot Kaur

Based in New Forest, UK near Southampton.

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