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Available Online

Japa meditation for PEACE!

by donation

  • Brockenhurst, New Forest, UK

Description of Offering

Dear friends, let us fill ourselves and the world with love and clarity🙌🏻☀️ Japa is the continuous repetitive recitation of matras. It is a powerful practice that will clear your subconscious mind of programmes of resentment, guilt, confrontations and will bring your consciousness to the QUALITY of LOVE! 💫 As well as your inner work will help to dissolve the growing tension⚡️ in the world. The meditation is organised together with the German Kundalini Yoga community and will take place on 19.11 at the same time in parallel in different cities and countries. If it resonates withyou, you can gather a group and join in your city🤗 🌟The practice consists of 11000 repetitions of Adi Shakti mantra "Ek Ong Kaar Sat Nam Siri Vahe Guru" for 11 hours to the audio recording. Online Participation You take full responsibility of yourself and your well-being, managing your own time and repetitions of the mantra. It is acceptable during Jappa to lay dow, to move your body, walk, get fresh air, drink a lot of water, have a snack etc. The practice will take place in Brockenhurst studio and online. 🤲🏻Anyone is welcome. We welcome you to challenge yourself and commit to the whole process of 11 hours. You can meditate sitting, standing, on a chair, take breaks, snacks, then come back. Donations are welcome via this link. Please copy paste it in to your browser window WHAT IS JAPA Yoga and meditation are inseparable, and yoga without meditation is just gymnastics. Yoga prepares us for meditation and the intense experience associated with it. A meditation based on an even deeper meditation practice is japa meditation. "Jap" means to meditate on repetition. Japa is a meditation of meditation, that is, an endless loop of repetition, affecting the mind in many ways. The practice of japa gives rise to Ajappa Jap, a constant meditation that happens by itself and without any effort of will. The repetition of the mantra influences structures in the brain. This process is called Nam Ramodam Rasa - 'Nam' (mantra, sound) forms 'Rasa' (brain nectar) and thus removes mental blocks and stamps. Japa as one of the meditation techniques involves a lot of effort. Nevertheless, it is one of the deepest and most effective forms of meditation.

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