New Forest Level 1 Teacher Training 2021 as certified by KRI

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Kundalini Yoga Technology
for the life you want today

This training is for people who is interested in committing to a journey of self discovery through the science of Kundalini Yoga. For people who are ready to take charge of their own lives and keep it steady in all environments and circumstances. For people who are determined to decipher the voices in their head and unearth the true voice of their Soul.

The Training


Presented by Sahej Academy with International Mentoring Lead Teacher Trainer Hari Har Ji Kaur and accompanied by Assosiate Teacher Trainers Sat Nadar and Amanjot Kaur. 

Accredited by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)


Training consists of 7 modules spread over 10 months period,

beginning on 19th of February 2021.


Modules cover topics like the fundamentals of KY, conscious communication, humanology,  body as a temple, asanas, superhealth, infinite potential, life and death, relationships, environments and so on.


To me, this training should be made available for anyone starting from the school age as it is the most important knowledge about your life you will ever receive.


This training gives you the wisdom to begin your Spiritual path from Mystery to Mastery.



Training will take place online and in The Retreat New Forest, Hampshire, depending on ever changing government guidelines during the pandemic. We will start online, but we will aim to meet at least once. If necessary, participants would need to find their own accommodation. 






First module 19-21st of Feebruary. ONLINE


Second module 26-28th of March. ONLINE


Third module 30th of April - 2nd of May. ONLINE


Fourth module 11-13th of June. ONLINE


Fifth module Intensive 28th of July - 1st of August at The Retreat New Forest, Christchurch, Hampshire. BH23 7EF


Sixth module 10-12th of September. ONLINE


Final Seventh module 8-10th of October. ONLINE


We start on Friday evening with couple of hours of checking in session, and begin every Saturday morning at 05.00, Sunday morning at 06.30 and finish the day at 21.00. We will end the weekend on Sunday at 17.00.


Zoom modules will have different timings with teaching blocks limited to a maximum of 2 hours with long breaks in-between. As soon as it is possible we will of course meet together in person rather than online.


Module content may change in order to make the best use of any permitted face to face time.


Achievement goals


  • Obtaining a tool kit to live your life consciously and to the full potential.
  • Enter into a wide community of peers and friends who practice similar principles and morals.
  • Knowledge to live healthier life with more vitality.
  • Experience personal transformation on many levels as well as in your surroundings.
  • Gain skills, knowledge and understanding, supported by Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certificate, to teach classes.




Throughout the course you will be given assignments of kriyas and meditations to practise between teaching weekends.

Attendance throughout the whole course is a prerequisite for qualification.

To complete the course you will be required to:-

  • Pass a written examination
  • Teach a class to the required standard
  • Have attended at least 20 Kundalini Yoga classes in addition to the course
  • Have completed at least 40 continuous days of the given meditations and yoga sets
  • Have attended at least 5 morning sadhanas
  • Have attended one day of intensive meditation or White Tantric Yoga
  • Have accepted the Code of Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers
  • Have fulfilled your financial commitment

The course is an ashram style experience, the diet provided will be vegetarian and the group will be self-catering. We will be sharing our total experience.


On qualification, you will be registered as a KRI Certified Level 1 Instructor, allowing you to teach students. You will also be eligible to join KYTA, the national Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association as a full member and to join its group insurance scheme.


£1750 + £90 (for comprehensive course manuals)
Includes vegetarian food, excludes local B&B (if required).


Register and pay £300 non-refundable deposit before the 19th of January 2021 and receive £60 discount


Further payments:

If registered and the deposit paid before the 19th of January 2021

  1. £250 paid one month before the first module.
  2. £250 paid one month before the second module.
  3. £250 paid one month before the third module.
  4. £250 paid one month before the fourth module.
  5. £250 paid one month before the fifth module.
  6. £140 paid one month before the sixth module.

If registered  and the deposit paid after the 19th of January 2021 

  1. £250 paid one month before the first module.
  2. £250 paid one month before the second module.
  3. £250 paid one month before the third module.
  4. £250 paid one month before the fourth module.
  5. £250 paid one month before the fifth module.
  6. £200 paid one month before the sixth module.


Payments are required by bank transfer a minimum of one month before the start of each weekend.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULL WEEKEND FEE IS PAYABLE EVEN IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND.  You can then cover that weekend at an alternative venue or at another time for no extra cost.


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Kundalini Yoga with Amanjot Kaur

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