A unique opportunity to join our team.

As you may have heard, Nick Alp (founder of ALP Education) is looking to set up a franchise model to facilitate the introduction of additional schools with the same ethos and teaching approach as NFSSchool. The goal is to expand to other parts of the UK and possibly abroad to offer more children the chance to benefit from the educational environment as at NFSS.
We intend to set up a charity, the Alison Alp Educational Foundation to oversee and promote the development of schools that follow our particular approach to education.
We already have several people eagerly waiting for us to release the instructions so they can proceed with next steps..
To accommodate this new venture we are in the process of setting up a board of trustees, where Nick Alp will be the Chairman and Alla Yeates will be the Managing Director.
We have a position of Executive Director and Trustee to fill and would like to offer it to our lovely community who have an interest in the school's thriving and expanding.
Required skill set:
  • Familiarity with running a charity and legal aspects.
  • Operational experience and multitasking; ability to manage a range of activities, such as finance, human resources and communications.
  • Assisting with set up, development and strategic direction and governance.
  • Ability to work with others as well as take initiative.
  • Have basic understanding of fundraising and tenacity and drive for it.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.
  • Experience in resource-constrained environments is preferable, but not necessary.
  • Experience in franchise will be helpful.
Initially a volunteer position progressing into paid permanent.
Please apply by sending an email with a short cover letter and your CV to alla888@btinternet.com and the most suitable date and time for the interview.
If your application is successful, you’ll be invited for an interview.
Deadline for applications is 15th of September 2021.
You can of course share this with your friends who may have the required skill set.
With warm regards,
Alla Yeates

A unique, child-centered education.

ALP approach to education has three major components that are interdependent: social, emotional and academic. This approach benefits children aged 3-16 in an idyllic, human-scale educational environment.


New Forest Small School has been running as a first class alternative education based on the approach for the past 27 years. You can read a comprehensive volume of all the different aspects of it on their website.


The Mission is to make this available to as many children as possible, so we can secure a more balanced educated human beings who will have abilities to think critically, question everything and make wise decisions for themselves.



DATE: Thursday 24th of June 2021


This year we have decided not to take on more than 5 new schools due to the time constraints and resources available.


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